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Thai Handicrafts : หัตถศิลป์ไทย

Though the handiwork of Thai craftsmen has always been beautiful, practicality was most likely to determine whether a particular item would be produced again and again. Household utensils, tools used in daily work, and articles of clothing were valued as much for their shape, size, and durability as for their aesthetic worth. But with recent changes in the thai way of life, these items have become more and more appreciated as work of art and cultural legacies. Their practical value now depends on how international demand for them contributes to the economy of communities specializing in their production, and to the preservation of the natural resouces from which they are made.

Artificial Flowers
Basketry (เครื่องจักสาน)   เครื่องจักสาน
Bencharong ware
Chok Cloth (ผ้าจก)   ผ้าจก


Tour of Royal Thai Handicraft Centre


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Cast Stone Garden

The Dan Kwian products become one of the major export goods from Korat, Thailand.
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