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BANGKOK, the capital of Thailand, is a metropolis where one can find both old and new, East and West, traditional and fashionable, blended together in a harmonious way. There are several magnigicent Buddhist temples inside the city and well-known attractions on its out-skirts. The old capital from 1350 to 1767, AYUTTHAYA (76 km) is today visited chiefly as a historical site, especially the ancient ruins left by the Brunese invasion of 1767. Bang Pa-in Palace, and Bang Sai Folk Arts and Crafts Centre are places recommended for inclusion in a one-day tour. KANCHANABURI (128 km), a good place for nature lovers,where they can raft down the stream watching enchanting scenery. The Death Railway and the Bridge over the River Kwai are also located here. On a trip to SARABURI (107 km), Buddhists should not fail to pay homage to the Buddha's Footprint there. LOPBURI (153 km) is famous for shrines in the Khmer style, and the remains of King Narai's palaces of the 17th century. NAKHON PATHOM (56 km) is the town that boasts the tallest Buddhist pagoda both in Thailand and in the world.


Bridge over the River Kwai

Thai country

Just 2 hours' drive from Bangkok is PATTAYA the fast growing recreation centre on the east coast. Its fine sand, blue sky and limpid sea are among many other good things that prove irresistable to both foreign and local tourists.

There, selves either quietly or by engaging in aquatic sports such as swimming, fishing, sailing, water skiing, diving, wind-surfing, etc. Although Pattaya is the cream of CHON BURI, other places of interest are plentiful in this provice--Khao Sam Muk, where stands the Choa Mae Sam Muk Shrine highly revered by Thais; Bang Saen, the nearest beach resort for the families; Sichang Island, paradise island whose name has became the title of a song.

CHANTHABURI (245 km), an east-coast province famous for gemstones, fruits, hot pepper and Chanthabun mats. RAYONG (179 km),where the most attractive tourist spot is the Samet Island, which has become very popular among foreign visitors. TRAT (315 km) the most far-flung province on the eastern coast, is well known for its Ko Chang National Marine Park RAYONG

The fine weather, the mountainous scenery, the exquisite handicrafts and the rich northern Thai culture are some of the charms of the North. CHAING MAI (697 km. from Bangkok), the second biggest province of Thailand, provides visitors with a host of places of interest, such as, DoiSuthep, Doi Inthanon, Bhubing Palace, etc. CHIANG RAI (785 km), located at the northern tip of Thailand in the very heart of the Golden Triangle, gains fame from its scenic views, interesting hill-tribes and exciting elephant-back riding tours. LAMPHUN (670 km) is a town of beautiful women, bountiful orchards and ancient temples. LAMPANG (599 km) is the sole province in Thailand where horse-drawn carriages are still used as a means of transportation. PHRAE (643 km) is known for the northern costume called


"mohom" and PHAE MUANG PHI, a small area of weird earth formation. Lying on the uppermost northwestern border with Burma, MAE HONG SON ( 924 km) is well known as the "Town of Three Mists" because it is mist-shrouded throughout most of the three seasons. SUKHOTHAI, the first capital of the Thai Kingdom, is known for it historic sites.


Known as Isan in Thai, the Northeast consists mostly of a plateau. Some may think that this area dry and lifeless, But in fact, it has large numbers of tourist spots, some of which are being developed. NAKNON RATCHASIMA (259 km), or the gateway to the Northeast, where are located the Thao Suranari Monument, Khmer-style stome shrine Prasat Hin Phimai and a 250-year-old banyan tree. KHON KAEN (449 km), one of the northeastern commercial centres famous for the local product -- matmi silk. UBON RATCHATHANI (629 km), where the Lenten Candle Festival is grandly celebrated. SAKON NAKHON (647 km), offers tourists the

Khmer style stone temple

picturesque scenery of the vast Nong Han Lake. SURIN (457 km), the land of elephants, is world famous for its annual Elephant Round-up usually taking place at the third weekend of November. BURI RAM (410 km), is where the largest Khmer style stone temple, Prasat Phanom Rung, is located. LOEI (520 km), a challenging place for visitors who want to find out the lowest temperature of Thailand in the cool season.

The most prominent tourist attraction in the South is inevitably PHUKET (862 km), the biggest island of Thailand located in the Andaman Sea. It has rapidly become one of the best known seaside resorts of the world. Apart form the numerous beaches around the island and all kinds of accommodation facilities. is famous for its seafood, coral and marine life. It also serves as a base for exploration trips to nearby islands. The grand celebration of the Vegetarian Festival in October is another attraction. But if you find Phuket a little to crowded in the peak tourist season, then Samui Island of SURAT THANI (644 km) will be another choice. Its tranquility and unpolluted environment will refresh you. RANONG (568 km), Thailand's rainiest province is well known for its hot springs and Burmese gems. PHATTHALING (840 km) is believedto be in the realm of the ancient Sri Vijaya Kingdom, which has long been forgotten leaving only a few hallowed hills today. SONGKHLA (950 km) is a famous seaside resort in the Far South where a cruise on Songkhla Lake is fascination. Another famous place in this province is Hat Yai,the big bustling city widely known for the low-priced imported goods. PHANGNGA (788 km), adjoining Phuket, is full of magnificent seascape and beautiful limestome caves. KRABI (814 km) and TRANG (828 km) also have many fine beaches and beautiful scenery waiting to be explored. Tarutao Island of SATUN (973 km), being the remotest, will provide you with the most marvelous underwater life and most tranquil atmosphere.


biggest island

Songkhla Lake

famous seaside



Cast Stone Garden

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