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ASEAN pottery

ASEAN pottery

ASEAN should know about pottery.

Pottery and tools which are primarily associated with the life of a man intimately for a long time. Because pottery is a product built on the requirements of the owner. As a result of cerebral and skill of the builders. It does not mean only the aesthetic value only. There is also a craftsman who represents wisdom and technological development. Community collective and continuous for a long time.


ASEAN countries with pottery.

ASEAN countries are crafting pottery is one of their own, including Vietnam. And Burma Which each have a story or information about the different pottery.


Ceramics Museum Hoi An internal exhibition The first part, Re wares Vietnamese exports. In the last century, 20-21 Likewise with chinaware cup of Thailand. Said the exhibition have been found in China, Japan, Vietnam wares in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines All that was found in Thailand, Vietnam, known wares. "Wares at the" less is more, then the Chinese and Japanese ceramics discovered in Vietnam. But most of the museum space To take the debris from the excavation wares found in the town of Hoi An. And archaeological sites in the surrounding area, such as a sinking ship and nearby Cham Islands.


The materials used in the pottery.

Clay is a type of clay used for pottery, native. Coated and non-coated.

A key raw material in the making of pottery, clay, water and other ingredients used to mold clay pottery types. Must be clay Which may be mixed with the soil such as clay laterite loess soil and other materials such as sand or crushed brick rubble crushed husks, rice straw to hold the soil together. And prevent shrinkage of soil that spun up when exposed to heat.


The motifs used to decorate pottery.


Through the process of expanding coverage until the shape of the container is complete, the next step is decorated with a pattern seems not hit rock looks over the shoulder molding container pots. Or scratching technique used in the case of other products. The technician may ornamental patterns on the shoulders and down both. The container together But the most popular ornamental shoulder than other areas.


The association between pottery and well-being of human ASEAN countries.

The pottery will be important as the invention up to the need to sustain life. Humans also use pottery in ceremonies on the beliefs of the society. Use jars of clay tomb Both the frame and packed into jars which contained the bones of some ancient tradition is to cremate one another. Which has been very popular among the ancient Asian pottery addition, perhaps buried along with the dead bodies of the Province. Lahan Sai district and Kruat Some local container jar jars different types of cartridges containing the bones to come and Tuesday. Style pottery container, bricks, this will look like Jar Jar elephant or a monkey's face with people. Jar with a lid or a man. Most of the field containing the bones are buried around the base buildings and places of worship.



Currently pottery of Thailand's many attractions. Such as island and home to honor Thailand and so on to produce material made from pottery like pots made desserts made tank tree vase and bowl as well as export to the whole world and not just the United States but also countries. ASEAN countries like Vietnam, where it has opened a museum for tourists to visit and also very popular.
Dan Kwian The land of ceramics, is located in Tambol DanKwian, Chokchai District and is 15 kilometres south-east of Korat City. Route No.224 Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.
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