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Stone wares

Stone wares

Stone pottery wares are made of high quality clay refractory most natural ground beef is brown and gray. The fire reached the ripe or melting point. The minerals Will be melded together into one piece. In temperature between 1230-1305 degrees C. The product has a rough texture. Tight and very strong Water and very little liquid permeability. The rate of water absorption of porcelain stone used to make bowls for about 2-3 percent of the color depends on the amount burned. And type of minerals in the soil contaminants, which will vary according to various sources. For a whitish stone wares. Which is made of clay with a ratio of. Low iron is similar to porcelain.

Forming products made of stone wares.
There are many ways like molded products made from clay. Because of the soil conditions are tough The most popular sand or quartz. The product has a structure and a strong increase. Porcelain stone used to make food containers. Jewelry, etc.
Dan Kwian The land of ceramics, is located in Tambol DanKwian, Chokchai District and is 15 kilometres south-east of Korat City. Route No.224 Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.
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