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The first container of humanity that is the soil, forming a container and then dried. Because soil properties The clay is able to absorb water well. When mixed with water to make the soil is cohesive and able to mold or forming three-dimensional. Without other additional material.

When the soil is already forming up the heat. Soil is composed of crystals in the family of "alumino silicate" will change the chemical configuration. Alkaline compounds (alkaline) a substance that can react chemically with the soil crystals at high temperatures. This thermal energy can drive a change of crystal soil. The compound caused a "glass" This compound serves as a liaison to the soil particles. Which serves as the pieces together, making the material after sintering. Are durable up Photos can be used as a container of synthetic humans.

Clay is a type of clay used for pottery, native. Coated and non-coated, such as clay pots, jars, pots, bricks, tiles etc. on burning certain types of clay minerals in the soil is converted. And hold the soil together The color of the clay, it will change. The clay used to make pottery. Pottery from various sources The color is not the same as kaolin clay from Lampang to Pottery is white to red clay from Ratchaburi. Clay spit Dan Carter to yellow-brown, purple or blue.

Pottery that occur due to human necessity and demand. Which was originally intended to be a container of food and water. The man had developed pottery to improved quality and usefulness of pottery was increased accordingly as well.

Pottery is assumed that in the early days. In the period around 1500 BC BC has found evidence brick products. (Used in construction), the first Caribbean country's colonial Egypt, Syria and other countries in Asia. The band has progressed very well in pottery. Learn to use red clay soil decor products. In particular, China is progressing reasonably well.

Dan Kwian The land of ceramics, is located in Tambol DanKwian, Chokchai District and is 15 kilometres south-east of Korat City. Route No.224 Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.
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